Why I hate my skin now, and what I’m doing about it

A month after it was first revealed that a skin-lightening serum could trigger a fatal allergic reaction, the results are being used to encourage consumers to ditch cosmetics and invest in new skincare products.

While the FDA did not approve the product, the company is hoping it will make skin lightening more widely available for everyone.

It’s not a new idea, but it’s new to the skin industry, and new to cosmetics as well, said Jennifer Smith, an attorney and co-founder of the nonprofit Cosmetic and Fragrance Alliance.

It wasn’t an issue until recently, when there was a new trend of the cosmetics industry trying to market a new kind of product that could potentially have an adverse reaction,” she said.

Smith said that she and other cosmetic-industry executives, including one of the companies selling the skin-Lightening serum, had talked to consumers about the potential for skin lighteners to cause a skin reaction.

The company said the results of the FDA review are encouraging.

It’s a big step, and hopefully it will encourage consumers and manufacturers to continue to be innovative and develop products that work for them, Smith said.

Skin-Lightning products are not yet FDA-approved, and the company said that it will be doing more testing in the future.

It could take several years before the FDA approves the product.

But it may be soon, with some manufacturers already announcing that they are switching to a new type of skin lightener.

This article originally appeared onCNN.com

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