Which players are going to win the 2017 Cool Fortnite skin competition?

Cool Fortnaite is back for its third year of competition.

Here’s a look at who’s going to be crowned champion of the Cool Fortnarite skin contest.


Dario “Dario” Palomino (Icebreaker) Dario Palomio is an American professional gamer from the US, who played on Blizzard’s first team Overwatch and later was part of Blizzard’s Overwatch Overwatch team.

He has also been involved in several high-profile esports tournaments such as DreamHack Summer 2017 and ESL Pro League Season 2.


Kaino “Lirim” Yegaya (Eternity) Kain (formerly) is a Korean player who has played in multiple competitive games including League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

He is currently a coach at DreamHack Winter 2017 and also works as an analyst on the ESL ProLeague Season 2 ladder.


Adam “Razor” Biermann (The International) Adam Bierman is a former professional gamer who was one of the most successful players in League of Legend’s early years.

He now works as a caster and analyst for the popular Dota 2 game.


Tyler “TJ” Hildebrandt (Doom) TJ Hildebrands most recent team, the Hellions, competed in the 2017 World Cyber Games.

His previous team, Team Dignitas, also competed in 2017 World Cybersports Games.


John “Dre” Bresnahan (Aurora) Dre is a Canadian professional gamer known for his competitive gaming career in Heroes of the Storm.

He currently works as the lead analyst on ESL Proleague Season 2 and has been working as a broadcaster for the upcoming Dota 2 tournament.


Jacob “Zac” Gajewski (Horde) Zac Gajews first team was a squad of American professionals who went through the 2017 Global Challenge Season 1.

His second team, The Horde, competed at the 2017 DreamHack Global Invitational in 2017.


James “James” Schmitt (Duo) James Schmitt was the head coach for Team Dignitites Overwatch team in 2017, who has been a player on many popular esports teams such as Team SoloMid and Cloud9.

He also works at ESL Pro Series Season 2 as an Analyst.


Alex “Alberto” Dias (Gnome) Alberto is an Argentinian professional gamer.

He started playing Hearthstone and Dota 2 in 2016.

He was also a member of the roster of Team Dignity Overwatch in 2017 and was recently part of the team that competed at Dreamhack Winter 2017.


Adam M. Kriolewski (Dwarf) Adam M Krioleski is a Polish pro gamer.

The Polish player started playing in Heroes and Heroes of Newerth in 2017 before joining Team Dignite Overwatch in 2018.


Ryan “Rampage” Bader (Puppeteer) Rampage is a German pro gamer who has competed in League and DotA 2.

He joined the Overwatch team and currently works at Team Solo Mid.


Ryan Hildebert (Vampire) Ryan Hulbert is a French pro gamer and former member of Team Liquid.

He first started playing League of Heroes in 2014, and has competed at multiple tournaments.


Nick “Tiger” Miller (Valkyrie) Nick Miller is a American professional player who started playing Heroes of War III in 2016 and has participated in several competitive games.


Daniel “Toby” Schmitz (Curse) Daniel Schmitze is a Russian professional gamer, who first joined the Hearthstone team in 2016 before later joining Team Liquid in 2017 to play.


James Kipkiewicz (Screamer) James Kipsiciewicz is a US-based player, who started competing in the League of Warcraft competitive scene in 2018 and has worked as a commentator for ESL Pro series Season 2 events.


Alexey “Frozen” Vlasov (Vigilante) Alexey is a professional gamer currently playing for Team Liquid and was part a team that was a part of Team SoloMite’s Overwatch team last year.


James J. “Jungle” Vlahov (Carnivore) James is a player from the United States who currently plays for Team SoloTacs in League.


Ryan G. “Daniels” Koczela (Crimson) Daniels is a North American pro gamer, currently playing in League with Team SoloQ.


Daniel B. Krieger (Champion) Daniel B Kriegers is a British player who first entered the competitive scene with Team Dignits Overwatch in 2016, then played in Overwatch with the team after that.


Nick G. Buhr (Azeroth) Nick G Buhrs is a Czech pro gamer from Prague who has recently played for Team Curse in 2017 after having

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