Fortnite skin abscession in Fortnose game: It’s the new frontier

This article contains images from the Fortnites online shooter Fortnits, the game that’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

But the skin absolution you get from playing is far from your standard skin repair kit.

This skin repair will repair the damaged area on your skin and make it more supple and pliable.

You can see a quick demonstration of this at the bottom of the article. 

The skin absolutions are available in three sizes: 0.8ml, 1ml and 3ml.

The 3ml is recommended for larger skin but smaller users can opt for a smaller 1ml abscess kit. 

I got one kit and it looks amazing.

If you want to try it out for yourself, the kit is priced at $59.99 (£43.40).

I bought mine at a store called Superstore in Sydney, Australia.

I was expecting the size to be a little bigger but the price seems to have been just right.

I’ve also received the FortNite skin kit on Amazon in Australia and will update this post with any further info.

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