How to Make Sammy Sosa Skin: A Guide

Sammy is a star of the hit television show “The Big Bang Theory,” but he’s also an artist, photographer, and filmmaker. 

In the new film, Sammy and his family take their beloved dog, Lucky, out to the park in search of some fun.

Lucky is known for being the most outgoing of all his dogs, and his affectionate attitude has made him the subject of a lot of jokes. 

Sosa Skin is a new, hilarious, and uplifting film that follows Sammy’s journey to find his soulmate, Lucky. 

What you’ll love in this documentary: Sammy learns how to take photos and make art from his best friend’s dog. 

Lucky becomes a regular member of Sammy & Friends, and Sammy finds himself with a new purpose: making sure Lucky’s soulmate knows the love that’s inside of him. 

A special guest appearances from Sammy, Lucky and his friends as they share a moment with Sam and Lucky’s human. 

Check out more of the film on the LAD Bible YouTube channel. 

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