How to look great in your best light skin dude

There’s a new generation of dudes in the world of tech, and the new guys aren’t looking to break any new ground.

They’re just getting their hair cut and their eyebrows waxed, because the new dudes have figured out that wearing a light skin tone makes you look cooler, right?

So they’re starting to make the jump to the next level of cool, too.

In this infographic, we explore some of the trends in the fashion industry, and we highlight the cool things the dudes are wearing and wearing the right way.

In the case of the guys who are just starting out in tech, we see a lot of men wearing light skin, which is an exciting trend, but it can get boring quickly.

And we don’t want to be boring.

So if you’re a dude in tech looking to look cool, here’s how you can keep your cool.

We’ve picked a bunch of tech dudes from the web to see how they dress to look like the cool guys in our universe.

And while we’re here, let’s just get this out of the way.

You are not cool.

You’re not cool enough to be a dude, and you’re not smart enough to understand that you should look cool.

(The guys in the picture above have been wearing their clothes for a long time.)

So please, stop reading now.

You might not be cool enough for this, and even if you are, there are a few other ways you can be cool.1.

Wear a light color to your work2.

Wear clothes that don’t look too “chunky” or “over the top”3.

Wear jeans and shirts that don the right amount of make-up4.

Wear shirts that have a “chipped” look5.

Wear hoodies6.

Wear t-shirts that aren’t too big and aren’t overly revealing.7.

Wear sunglasses that don toot your own horn, and don’t wear them too often8.

Wear light-colored pants and t-shirt9.

Wear your hair long and loose, and make sure you keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone or computer10.

Wear smart accessories like the ones above11.

Don’t wear sunglasses that you don’t need12.

Wear bright colors that don`t match your background13.

Wear an accent that’s not too long14.

Don`t wear your glasses for too long15.

Wear shoes that fit properly16.

Wear jewelry that’s made by a company that makes cool products17.

Wear glasses that don´t have too many holes18.

Don´t wear the wrong type of sunglasses19.

Don t wear glasses that are too wide20.

Don�t wear glasses on your nose21.

Wear gloves with a metal cuff that fits over your nose22.

Don a hat that fits snugly23.

Wear high-quality, stylish clothing that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a dress24.

Don an earring that doesn`t look like a necklace25.

Don your hair and wear it long and styled.26.

Don wear the same clothes over and over again.27.

Wear shorts that are stylish and long.28.

Wear stylish accessories that you love.29.

Wear eye makeup that looks good.30.

Wear comfortable pants that fit well.31.

Wear pants that don a bit too much.32.

Wear something that looks like a dress33.

Wear some sparkly jewelry.34.

Wear sneakers that have an open toe shoe that doesn�t go under your feet35.

Wear heels that don�t look too high.36.

Wear cute shoes.37.

Wear cool sneakers.38.

Wear sparkly shoes.39.

Wear funky socks.40.

Wear headphones.41.

Wear boots that are cool and stylish.42.

Wear socks that have big holes.43.

Wear fun accessories like earrings and bracelets.44.

Wear fancy shoes that you think are cool.45.

Wear the same outfit over and again.46.

Wear accessories like eye shadow and lip gloss that don.47.

Wear outfits that are cute and casual.48.

Wear hats that match your skin color.49.

Wear colorful makeup.50.

Wear pretty clothes.

And finally, if you want to show your support for the new trend in tech…

You might be one of the cool dudes, too!

Here’s how.

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