Why Nina Simone is the Next Rihanna?

By now, you probably know that Rihanna’s name is synonymous with a few things, like the Rihanna brand and Rihanna makeup.

But the singer’s own Instagram account has revealed that she’s been in talks with a couple of other celebs for some time now about her own makeup line.

Rihanna is reportedly considering a number of potential collaborators, and they’re all light skinned and/or dark-skinned, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Rihanna is currently talking with [another] actress about her new line,” Rihanna wrote in an Instagram post, adding that she “really loves and respects [them].”

She also posted that “the [others] are all very beautiful.

But they’re very dark and dark skinned.”

Rihanna has always been a natural for a celebrity makeup line, as her previous foray into the category came with the popular Rihanna Foundation, which was made with a foundation that she and fellow model Talib Kweli created.

Rihanas Instagram account also shows that she recently completed a makeup tour, as well.

Rihannas latest Instagram posts were in response to rumors that her new beauty line was in the works.

“We’ve been talking to a few people about our new line and the makeup industry,” Rihannanas account wrote in a video that has since been removed.

“I think everyone in this industry has been wanting to be in this game, and we’re so excited to be here.

We have a very rich history in the makeup world, and I’m really excited about it.”

Rihannans Instagram account appears to have been hacked in April, when hackers took over Rihannas Instagram account and posted nude pictures of the singer and several other celebrities.

Rihans account was later restored, and the company said it was investigating the matter.

The Rihanna beauty brand is currently in the process of relaunching with a new look, but Rihanna fans are hoping that the new line is just the start.

“The new Rihanna line is definitely coming,” Rihana said in April.

“It’s just another step in my life that is so exciting.

I love being able to tell all my stories and show people what I look like.”

Rihnanas Instagram posts, however, were never made public, so it remains to be seen how much Rihanna and the other celebers are willing to share about their own beauty experiences.

The brand is also working on other products, like Rihanna Skin Liquid and Rihannascan.

Rihnanascan is a new makeup line that Rihann is launching with the help of the Kylie Jenner Foundation.

Rihanne’s Instagram posts also appeared to hint that the singer is currently working on her next makeup line and is looking to be a spokesperson for her brand.

“If I was to tell you about our next product, you know, we’re working on another one,” Rihannah said in her first Instagram post in March.

“But I’d have to tell people too because it’s such a big deal.

So I just want you to know we’re still in the early stages of this.”

Rihanne also shared a photo of herself in an elevator with the caption “I’m feeling the love!” and her Instagram account.

Rihani has previously shared that she is currently looking for a new hairstyle for her hair, as it looks like she is getting older and less comfortable in the spotlight.

“What I really like about my hair is it doesn’t fade and it doesn, like, fall out and it’s so long and I feel so free in it,” Rihanni said.

“So I really don’t think I want to have to be this person that has to be on a set for so long.

So that’s what I really want to do, but I’m looking for that balance, and that’s the beauty of it.

So my new hair, it’s still growing and it looks really good.”

Rihonna has been a part of the makeup community for years, and she has recently been seen in some of the most prominent beauty influencers.

In February, Rihanna tweeted that she was working on a new fragrance.

Rihanni has also shared several personal messages and videos on her Instagram feed, and her personal brand, Rihannannas beauty brand, recently launched a line of cosmetics.

Rihnannas Instagram has been under attack for the past few weeks after the hacker group Anonymous launched an attack against the Instagram account of the celebrity model Miley Cyrus.

The hacker group has also released a video showing the singer posing in a bathtub with the hashtags #RIPMiley, #Rihannas, and #NoTears.

Rihana has said that she has “no regrets” about the hack, but is working on getting her Instagram back online.

RihAnnas Instagram was also hacked last month, when an account that is used by Rihanna shared nude photos of the model

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