What is a ‘Skinny Duck’? | National Geographic

Skinny Duck is the nickname given to a bird that’s found in South Asia and India.

Its common name is the dong guan, which translates as “the dong of the dingo,” according to the Encyclopedia of the Birds of South Asia.

The bird is found in Southeast Asia and is sometimes called the dang ching.

This means “little dong,” a nickname given by Chinese people to a dong that looks like a duck.

Dong guans are also sometimes called dong-dong, dong shui, or dong yan.

The dong can be found on the ground and often nests in crevices in trees.

The birds are usually found in tropical forests.

This species is sometimes known as the “duck of the sea.”

The name dong is also given to this species in China, where dong ching is known as dong bao.

Skinny duck or dung-chang is a bird species found in southeast Asia.

Its name comes from the Chinese word for “skin,” meaning to hide, and dong, meaning “dong.”

In this case, the bird’s skin is a layer of feathers that makes up its head, neck, and back.

Its body is mostly black with white markings on the back.

The species is not endangered and can be seen in the wild in parts of China and in Indonesia.

This photo shows a Dung-Chang dong (Dung-chi) that nests on the tree stump on the left in this photo taken on May 10, 2017, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Dung ching, also known as “dung shui,” is the name given to the dung of the chiang.

It means “dang of the kiang,” or the dao of the king, according to The Encyclopedia of Birds of Southeast Asia.

This dong has white markings that resemble the face of the emperor.

In China, the dongs are often called “cuckoo dong.”

This dong and a Dong-chi dong are both found in eastern China.

This bird is not considered endangered in the Asian mainland.

A Dung chong, also called “Cuckoo Duck,” is also found in southwest China.

Dung is also a type of duck, and these ducks are called dung chun.

They can be distinguished by the white stripe along their sides, which are often dark.

Dongs are sometimes called “ducks of the sun.”

In Vietnam, the common name of this bird is “kong” or “kung” or kung jong.

Here are some of the images of dung guan nests that were captured in Vietnam.

A common sight in Vietnam is the appearance of a duck egg nest on the soil in Hanoi Province.

The Dung Ching dong nests are usually located in forested areas in Vietnam, but some are found in urban areas.

These dong dong nest on a tree stump in a forested area in Huanxi Province.

The nest is on the same side of the tree as the nearby water.

Several photos of Dung Guan nests were captured by the Wildlife Conservation Society in Laos.

Photos taken in the Vietnam province of Hanou, Vietnam, show a Dang-chi nest on an artificial lake in the village of Dongchang.

Cuckoos are found only in the mountains of Laos and Cambodia, and they nest in trees and on the bark of trees.

An artificial lake nest is a type a duck nest.

Nests of dong jong, or “cucks,” are found at the base of some trees in northern Vietnam.

These nests are made from branches and leaves that have been broken and placed into a hole, and the tree stands in a shallow basin, covered with mud.

Another common nest of dongs is found at a remote village in Vietnam’s southern province of Dong Ngai.

 A dong in Laos is called dok dong.

It is an artificial water-filled nest in which duck eggs are laid by a male.

Many of the nests are built to resemble the appearance and behavior of a dung duck.

Laos’s dung dong population is estimated to be at least 1 million, and a number of them have been found in Laos’s forests.

There are also several other species of duck that nest in Laos and neighboring countries.

“Dong chong” is the common nickname given in China to a duck that is found on a ground or tree stump.

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