How to tell if you’re at risk for psoriasis

A new study finds people with darker skin may have a higher risk of psoriac disease, despite the fact they may be in good health.

The researchers examined data from more than 20 million people and found that people with a darker skin tone had a significantly higher risk than those with a lighter skin tone of psoriatic arthritis.

“We were surprised that psoritis wasn’t seen in people with the lightest skin tone,” lead researcher Dr Rishi R. Patel said.

“There were a few things that were going on in people’s skin that led us to think it might be related to dark skin.”

One was that there was a higher prevalence of inflammatory cytokines in the skin of people with psorias.

“The inflammatory cytokine is produced by the body when certain types of bacteria in the gut are exposed to the immune system.

The results of the study suggest the skin may be more sensitive to inflammatory cytokin.”

It’s also possible that people who have psorios are more likely to have psoriacea because it’s a condition that’s characterized by inflammation and inflammation is associated with psoriasis,” Dr Patel said in a statement.

The new research also revealed people with lighter skin tones had a lower risk of developing psoros, but it wasn’t as clear cut.

Dr Patel said it was unclear how the inflammatory cytokins were linked to psoriatitis, and there was still a lot of work to be done to understand how inflammatory cytokis were related to the development of psobias.”

For people with normal skin tone, the inflammatory markers in the body were quite high.

“But for people with dark skin, the inflammation markers in our data were quite low.”

People with lighter-skinned people have lower inflammation markers than darker-skinned persons, so that could be related either to having less inflammation or maybe the fact that they are in good condition,” he said.

The research was published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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