‘Frozen’ is an excellent season to test your ‘skin grafts’

I was on holiday in Italy when I stumbled across this post, which appeared on the UK’s Daily Mail.

The title was so obvious: it was a product that was supposed to be used to create artificial skin grafts.

The product was named ‘Frosting for Frozen Skin’ and it was advertised as ‘the only frozen food that is infused with collagen’.

But it turned out the products description was misleading.

As I read it, it was meant to work on the skin as a whole, not just on the nose.

So what is a skin graft?

A skin graft is a surgical procedure to repair damaged skin.

It involves the removal of a damaged area of skin, usually through a needle, and placing a new graft of skin.

If a patient is allergic to collagen, the skin will be replaced with a synthetic version of it, usually made from synthetic collagen.

The most commonly used skin graft type is the Frosted on Skin™, which is a combination of the natural collagen and artificial collagen.

You can find products like this at a number of health food stores, but the most popular is Frozen on Skin Gel.

It’s made from artificial collagen and has been around since the 1960s.

It has the added benefit of being cheap, as you don’t have to spend a fortune on a brand name, and it’s cheaper to buy than traditional tissue grafts, like the one you might get from a dermatologist.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

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