How to make your skin look less washed out

The skin doesn’t just look washed out; it looks washed out by having a lot of pores and wrinkles.

That’s why you need to do something about it.

To achieve a less washed-out look, the trick is to look for products that are specifically designed to get rid of pores, wrinkles and dark spots, says dermatologist David Devereaux.

He says if you have oily skin, this is not going to work for you.

The problem with using lotion that is supposed to be a moisturiser, however, is that the formula is also designed to make skin appear less oily.

If you want a moisturising formula, Devereux suggests you look for a moisturisers with a combination of ingredients that can help remove dead skin cells and remove dead tissue from the skin.

For this reason, it’s important to check the ingredients on a product before using it.

“The ingredients that are good for skin are usually the ones that you can find in your local pharmacy or supermarket,” he says.

“If you are using an oily skin tone product, try and get something that is light to medium in colour.”

Devereaux says to get the best results, you need a moisturizer with a good combination of nutrients.

“Some of the ingredients that I would look for are a lotion, moisturiser and emollient,” he adds.

“The main thing you need is a good mix of ingredients and I think the combination of those is a really good idea.”

The ingredients in a moisturised skin creamThe ingredients you need are the following:Meadowfoam for the baseMeltable coconut oil to give it a smooth, gel-like consistencyMenthol for the moisturiserMasking cream or gel baseMentha for the oilYou can find a lot more information on the benefits of lotions, oils and emulsifiers on the Australian Dermatology Society’s website.

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