The first big fight of 2017 is happening in Fortnite: Glowing skin skins in Macerated skins

A new Maceration skin, inspired by the Fortnites own glows, is available for purchase in FortNite.

While the game doesn’t have a definitive release date, we did get our hands on the new skin in early August and will report on its performance soon.

According to a tweet from the game’s official account, the new Maverate skin has three different levels of brightness.

The first is the lightest, which lasts for 20 seconds, while the second is the darkest, which last for 20 minutes.

The third level is for a total of 60 seconds.

While this might not sound like much, it can make for some very cool effects.

While the game is still being tested, we’ve seen some of the effects of this new Miserate skin in action.

It’s quite fun to play with these glowing skin effects, but it’s also quite frustrating that the skin is only available for 30 minutes.

It makes me wonder how this will be a factor in future updates.

What do you think about this new skin?

Let us know in the comments.

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