Why you shouldn’t get a peachy pink skin-care routine, according to science

The pink glow that can come with using pink and purple-tinged products can mask acne, researchers say.

They’re calling on cosmetics companies to start using natural skin-lightening ingredients instead.

The new research comes after two years of studying the effects of products that can soften the skin and brighten the skin tone, and it could have a big impact on the complexion.

Here’s what you need to know about the pink skin trend.

1 of 12 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × Here’s how the pink-faced trend started View Photos People are getting more adventurous with the pink makeup trend.

Here are some popular brands.


Dior Pink-Covered Eyeshadow In one study, researchers found that the average makeup artist who applied a pink primer made more product claims than the average person who applied the same primer with blue eyeshadow.

But if the makeup artist applied the pink primer with a red eyeshark, the average claim was just 2 percent higher than if they applied it with a blue eyeshair.

The same happened with a green eyesharks.


Marc Jacobs Pink-Coated Shower Shoes According to the U.K.’s The Sunday Times, the Pink-crowned Shower Boots are so popular they can be found in the latest range of high-end designer goods, including the designer Marc Jacobs shoes.

The shoes are the latest addition to the Pink family of products, which include Pink Eye Cream, Pink Lipstick and Pink Lipgloss.


Make Up For Ever Pink Lace-Up Hair and Lace Hairpieces A study by the University of Texas at Austin found that when people are wearing pink hair and makeup, they’re more likely to make a mistake with their hair than those who wear natural hair and make-up.

“When the natural look is being worn, people are likely to have a problem with the hair, which leads to a higher likelihood of making a mistake,” says Katherine Risbey, an associate professor in the School of Human Development and Family Medicine.


Revlon Pink Pink Lip Balm Revlon’s Pink Lip Gloss, which contains pink pigments, was recently named the #1 product in the U

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