Which of the latest AP Style awards winners has the best face?

High skin fade is the latest trend in high-fashion, but it’s often more about the aesthetic, not the makeup.

And it’s not always for women.

The winner is Anna Wintour, whose stunning face is often styled with a hint of pink, gold or rose.

(Her husband, Calvin Harris, also won this year’s Style Awards.)

The winner’s look is more about how she looks with her lips parted and a cheekbone sculpted into a round shape, as seen on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.

Here are the nominees for the AP Style Awards’ 20th annual beauty awards.

* Anna WIntour: High skin fades, new wave, redhead, pop star, red carpet (AP Style Awards) “I just don’t see myself as a girl.

I’m a person, and I don’t want to be judged on how my clothes are, how my hair is.

I want to look the way I want, how I want for my self-image, the way that I want in my life.”

Wintor has had to learn to adapt to a new look in the past few years.

In 2015, she teamed with designer Giorgio Armani for a collection with the label’s name, with the pair wearing matching sunglasses.

Her signature line of high-waisted, strapless dresses, which featured a high-rise bodice, were a hit.

But the pair’s latest collaboration with Armanis, which included a gold bracelet, was less successful, and they had to cut ties with the designer.

Wintors current line of dresses includes a more subdued, black dress, with a soft, shimmering finish.

* Kate Upton: High-waisting, hot pink, red head, pop culture, celebrity (AP Sportswear) “It’s about a lot of things that go into it.

It’s not really about the fashion, it’s about the look that we want, and it’s all about style and feeling confident.”

Wearing high-heeled high-tops and heels and a black dress with the brand’s name and signature logo on the front, Upton’s look has drawn comparisons to Kylie Jenner’s.

“It really does feel like a little bit of a statement for Kate to do that,” said Victoria Woodley, senior editor of the AP Sportswears and apparel division.

“We all want to feel comfortable in our own skin.

That’s what Kate’s doing.”

* Calvin Harris: High brow, red hair, pop, pop icon (AP Awards) Calvin Harris’s look at the Style Awards has taken a backseat to Wintours high-profile collection, which was largely a reflection of the pop culture icon’s recent transition from singer to actor.

But Wintoures latest look, which features a deep red hair and a bold red dress with a pop star motif on the back, is a departure from her recent pop-inspired look.

The new look is also different than her older, more muted look, with darker hair and an emphasis on reds, with red lipstick.

“I have this thing where I like to look at my looks as the opposite of everything else I do,” said Wintun.

“And that’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s what Calvin did with his look.”

Calvin Harris is the third-youngest runner-up this year, but the winner has a long way to go to catch up with Winturys previous style awards.

(The only two women to win were Jessica Biel and Gwen Stefani.)

“I’m not sure if I’m ever going to look back and be proud of what I’ve done,” Wintu said.

“The beauty of this award is that it’s a very diverse group of people, and everyone is very special.”

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