‘Ditch the hair’: How to save your skin with new skincare products

There are several ways to get rid of blemishes, including using a product, applying it to a surface or using a cream or serum.

A new study suggests using one of those techniques will actually reduce your chances of developing acne.

The study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, found that people who used one of the four treatments — which include moisturizers, lotions and creams — had a 20% lower risk of developing skin cancer over a three-year period.

“We have a lot of research on the benefits of skincares and acne prevention, and we think these findings are really relevant,” said the study’s senior author, professor of dermatology and pediatrics Dr. Mark R. McGovern, M.D., Ph.

D. “We don’t think there is any benefit to the use of a lotion or cream.”

The study focused on women ages 18 to 59.

It involved nearly 8,000 participants.

The participants were asked about their use of cosmetics, products, creams and treatments in the past year, including use of hair-care products, products to treat acne and the use or lack of of use of an acne product.

Participants were asked if they had had any skin or skin-related health problems in the last year and whether they had used a product or treatment to treat them.

They were also asked if there were any skin problems, such as acne, that they had tried to address and if they reported having any signs or symptoms of skin problems.

The researchers then looked at the participants’ skin surface to look for acne lesions.

The findings showed the women who had used one treatment or one product reported a reduced risk of getting skin lesions, and those who used another treatment or product reported no increase in skin lesions.

“This suggests that there is an effective treatment or treatment option available to help you to reduce the risk of skin lesions,” McGovern said.

“Our findings support a hypothesis that if you use one of these products, it can reduce your risk of having acne, so there is no need to take a cream.”

McGovern added that it’s important to note that the results were based on the use and effectiveness of one treatment.

The research was funded by the National Institute of Health and the National Institutes of Health.

McGovern, who has written more than 200 scientific articles, is a professor of medicine and a professor in the department of dermatopathology at Johns Hopkins University.

He has also served on the advisory board of the American Academy of Dermatologic Surgeons and the Cosmetic Dermodology Society.

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