New Fortnite Skins: $9.99 in the App Store and $14.99 on Google Play

New Fortnight Skins is the latest addition to the brand-new lineup of skins.

New Fortnight’s new skin, the “Nashville,” is the second of three new skins for the franchise, following “Hexed Out,” which came out in November.

This new skin features the “Black Friday” theme for players, with the game’s main color being red.

The “Nailbiter” skin is the fourth new skin to arrive, and it looks like we will get to see the game come out with some new skins in the coming months.

Check out the gallery above to see all the new skins and what they will look like on the game.

New Fortnites will also be available for pre-order in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Greece and Japan.

Source: New York, New York Mag

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