What to know about the new NHL ‘Switch’ skins

I’m not sure that many people will remember the “Switch” skins that were released in November of 2016.

They were designed to help players who were playing on Switch.

But now, in December, the Nintendo Switch is going to be officially released, and the Switch skins are back in full force.

The first thing you need to know is that there’s only one “Switch”-themed skin, and that it is a “Fungal” one.

It comes in three colors: red, blue, and yellow.

It is also called the “Mr. Skin,” as it’s not a real skin at all, but instead a mushroom-like object.

There’s also a “Switch-themed” “Swamp” skin, which is a very similar color to the “Funtastic” skin.

The official name for this new skin is “Switch,” and you can see it on the game’s in-game icon.

But there are some important things to note about it.

The Mushroom skin is based on a character named “Slim Shady,” a recurring character from the “Monster Hunter” series of video games.

The mushroom-shaped skin is made up of a light greenish-purple tint, and it comes in four colors: orange, light blue, dark green, and dark red.

The color of the player’s eyes and the light blue hair on the player are also based on the character.

The other two colors are called “Skeleton Skin,” which is made out of green and yellow and is actually the “Saw” skin from the Nintendo Land series of games.

And finally, there’s a third “Switch-“skin called “Mushroom Skin,” also based off the Monster Hunter series of series of mobile games.

“Switch Skin” and “Mummy Skin” are the only two skins that can be used on a Switch game, and they are also the only three skins that are available for use on Switch in-app purchases.

So there you have it.

There are only two “Switch–themed” skins available for purchase on Switch, and there are no “Switch skins” for purchase at any other time.

You can read more about the “Mummy” and the “switch skin” skins here.

As far as the rest of the Nintendo’s lineup, there are a couple of other “Switch skin” options, as well.

The game has “Switch Mode” which is the “Super Mode” of the game, where the game offers you a selection of six different modes that are unlocked by playing the game.

There is also a game called “Switch Style,” which features “Switch Color” which changes the player character’s skin color to match the player in-world.

There also is a game named “Switch Emoji,” which has a bunch of emoticons and animations based on Nintendo characters.

The “Switch Face” is the first “Switch mode” option, and is what you see when you first see the game when you go to the Home Menu.

You’ll see a bunch more in the future, and I’ll cover those in a separate article.

So in short, there aren’t really any other “switch-themed,” “switch skins,” or “switch” skins.

It seems like Nintendo has taken the long view on this and is just going to keep adding more and more to the lineup.

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