How do you keep your glow skin intact?

The idea of glowing skin has been around for centuries, but it is more prevalent now than ever before, with companies and individuals offering skin care products that glow in the dark.

The problem is that this glow is often not permanent.

The skin fades as soon as the product is applied.

The longer the product stays on the skin, the darker the colour, making the skin more susceptible to developing a permanent glow.

What you need to know about glow skin: What is a glow? 

How does it work? 

Why should I use glow skin products? 

What are the risks? 

Glow skin products can cause:Redness and irritationRedness, redness and swellingRedness or irritation caused by the product on the affected skin.

This can cause redness, inflammation and irritation.

This is due to:The ingredients of the products can affect the amount of time that the skin gets the glow.

The products can also cause red and swollen skin, which is why you might see some products labelled as ‘pigmented’.

The product can also be irritating to the skin.

What to do if you have a problem: If you experience any of the following, call the NHS on 08457 1111 or visit your GP. 

It is not uncommon for people to experience a glow-in-the-dark skin response.

This reaction can be a result of a reaction to certain chemicals or medications, or to the presence of certain ingredients in a skin care product.

These reactions are more common if the products contain the following ingredients:Potassium chloride (sodium chloride) Sodium hyaluronate (hydroxy sodium hyaluronic acid) Sodium benzoate (salt benzoic acid)Glycolic acid(citric acid)Hydrogen peroxide(sodium hydroxide) Glycerin(sulfate) Potassium iodide (iodine) Methylparaben (methylparabens)Cyanogen chloride (carcinogen)Carnosine(sucrose)Diethyl sulphate (diethyl alcohol)Diphenyl alcohol(ethanol)Propylene glycol(ethylene glycerin)Hydroquinone(hydroxyquinone)Acrylates/vinyl alcoholAcrylate/vinylene glycecolide(ethoxyquinone)(caffeine)Degasone(DDE)(ethylene glycol)Methylisothiazolinone(methylisothiazolinone)Lactic acid(lactic acid)Methanol(acetone)Hydroxypropylcellulose(propylene glycopyran-3-ol)Hydrosulphonic acid(sulphate)N-butyl ketone(butyl alcohol)(N-methyl-4-phenylbutyl methoxyphenyl ketonophenone)Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC)Tocopherol(tocopherol) Phenylalanine(n-alpha-tocopheral) Chlorphenesin(clarymore)Cetearyl alcohol (vitamin E)Propylparabenn(propylparaphernol)Caffeine(caffeinated)D-alpha-(butylcarbamate)Tetrachloroethylene(TCH)Dioxins (dioxin)Dye (dye)Alcohol (alcohol)Detergent (alcohol), detergent, detergent detergentSource: Health Wales What to know before you apply glow-skin productsThe first thing you should do if the product you have is not suitable for you is to apply it on a damp surface with no creams or oils on it.

You can use a washcloth or sponge if you can find one that is not a waterproof type, and it should not be used on the scalp, face, eyes, or hair. 

If the product does not dissolve well, then you should not use it on your face.

This is because it will cause irritation to the affected area and can cause breakouts. 

You should also avoid using the product if it is on your nose, eyes or hair, as it may cause irritation. 

Avoid applying glow-screens on your forehead, nose, cheeks, or eyes. 

Apply the product to the face to remove any dust that may be on the product. 

Do not apply it directly to the eye area.

You will need to use an eye cream. 

The product should not come into contact with any other products or ingredients that may cause allergies or sensitivities. 

Always use a cotton swab to remove the product, and wash the area after the product has been applied.

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